SIHH 2017: HYT

Based on the high traditional watchmaking and the long innovating history of HYT, the brand presented its first pocket watch, the Skull Pocket Limited Edition.

The inspiration arises from the knowledge that the firm has about the legacies that the watchmaking culture has left over the years. Paying tribute to the first pieces that marked the success in the way of reading time, was the main reason to present a pocket watch with traditional mechanical movement, which undoubtedly meets all the standards of the modernity.


“Our initial goal was to delight our collectors with a highly exclusive limited edition piece. But what ground have we not yet broken? The answer came immediately, and was so obvious that no-one would ever expect us to attempt it: our first pocket watch” said Vincent Perriard, co-founder of HYT

As is well known, the skulls are the hallmark that give the originality and masculinity touch in each of the HYT watches, without leaving out this characteristic, the new Skull Pocket has inside the typical skull. On the other hand, the technology of the design relies on a luminescent module with two LEDs located underneath the rider at 6 o´clock and it´s activated by a generator positioned between 4h and 5 o´clock, which was previously developed for its Metropolis model.


In only 8 pieces, the Skull Pocket host into a titanium and black DLC case from 51 to 59 mm. In order to protect the faceplate, HYT developed an exclusive cover system to protect the dial. When pressed gently downwards, the true spirit of the brand will be exposed leaving a fully a facetted skull with reflections in an echo of the Clous de Paris finishes.

The time will be read in an intuitive and atypical way, around the circumference of the skull with Arabic numbers with Super-Luminova, in the left eye the seconds will be read and finally the power reserve in the right eye. With 50 meters of waterproofness, frequency of 4Hz and 65 hours of power reserve, this unique and traditional piece will be the best companion of a man with classic and rebellious tastes.

5 things about the skull:

In the Pre-Hispanic era the skulls of the dead people were preserved as trophies.

In Mexican culture, the skull is known as catrina which represents the death.

The skull is a symbol of danger or toxic substance.

Pirates used to use a flag with a skull and two crossbones to mark territory.

In antiquity, skulls were used as cups to absorb the virtues or powers of the deceased.

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