Omega launches online business with Instagram

E-commerce will be a very powerful business tool for the future, and of course it has been analyzed by traditional distribution channels, but if there is any certainty is that  we are too many human beings in this planet, and we each look for different products that suits our needs, but also different places to buy.

For the first time Omega extends its global network to a shopping experience with this new type of clientele, which will be essential to the imminent future of a connected generation.


How will this happen?

Instagram is one of the most direct contact platforms today, and through the powerful @OMEGA account you can start the orders: – OMEGAWATCHES.COM/SpeedyTuesday

Only 2012 pieces will be available upon availability, while each copy has been numbered so the user will have the freedom to select the Limited Edition he wants.

Speedy Tuesday

Consequently to the creation of a homonym hashtag #SpeedyTuesday that has become popular in the last 5 years and that has considered the Speedmaster as a true myth, the Edition is presented inspired by all the essential features of this model.

Basically the timepiece retrieves much of the DNA of the Omega Speedmaster “Alaska Project” created by NASA in 1978, just when the product specifications had been shared: the watch had to be antireflective and easy to read, besides being secure for the space, and endure through the hard tests that supposed the gravitational changes. In addition it looks different vintage codes like the opal silver subdials and a matte black bezel made of aluminum. The hesalite crystal also delivers a very articulate look & feel, while in the screwed case back shows the Speedmaster’s historic hippocampus surrounded by the inscription: Speedy Tuesday Anniversary – A tribute to Alaska Project III.

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