Around the world… Breitling DC-3 and Navitimer

The passion for aviation in Breitling is evident, constant and “loud”. Therefore Breitling DC-3 will take a grand tour of the world in stages from March to September 2017. A magnificent feat for this legendary aircraft that will soon turn 77. The crew will not be alone when the airplane flew through the continents, as throughout the entire trip will be accompanied by a Limited Edition of 500 pieces of the Navitimer 01.

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Breitling is committed to preserving the heritage of aeronautics by supporting the restoration of mythical devices such as the Lockheed Super Constellation or the Douglas DC-3. Launched in 1935, this twin propeller has revolutionized air transport. Known as the “landing plane”, it lived its hours of glory in June 1944. Made in more than 16,000 copies, this device has equipped most of the major airlines.

There are currently less than one hundred and fifty DC-3 active worldwide, including the Breitling DC-3. Delivered to American Airlines in 1940, this DC-3 HB-IRJ was used by the US Navy between 1942 and 1944, before returning to active duty by flying with various airlines. Restored by a group of enthusiasts, it currently holds the Breitling Pavilion and participates in numerous aeronautical exhibitions.

In 2017, Breitling will launch its DC-3 in a great round the world in stages that will take you, among others, to the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. This “World Tour” will start in March in Geneva and end in September during the Breitling Sion Airshow 2017 in Switzerland. The numerous stopovers will give you the opportunity to organize different events and participate in aerial exhibitions.

The crew will receive special guests in some sections of this feat, while along with this mythical plane will be presented a reference in Limited Edition to 500 copies, it is the Navitimer 01 of 46 mm in diameter, an aviation chronograph animated by The breitling caliber 01, which runs at 4 Hz with total precision and will be available from autumn next year.

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