Starting tomorrow, Longines Future Tennis Aces: Who is Juan Pablo Lazo?

Today Juan Pablo Lazo, the young representative of Mexico in

Longinesthe “Future Tennis Aces” tournament organized by Longines in support of the future promises of tennis worldwide, was very active in it´s technical preparation and previous training for all competitors, advised by French champ Arnaud Clément.

The children were selected from 16 countries, and invited because of their talet, had the opportunity to attend the Academy Longines in the suburbs of Paris, and in a second day, the intense work was based on the fitness and the hearing of the best professional tips from great tennis player. They are now prepared for the first match under the “roof” of one of the greatest tournaments in the world: Roland Garros, played by elite players.


Who is Juan Pablo?

To begin with is twin brother of Santiago, and both have played tennis since childhood thanks to their enthusiasm for the sport and their mother. They are inseparable, just like team players with the same competitive blood, and they have demosntrated their qualities also in reular life. This time, Juan Pablo eliminate his brother in the semifinals at Mexico City stage, and from that point he was unstoppable through our country, winnig the rest of the matches to be elected for the Longines Future Tennis Aces.

Longines Future Tennis Aces

To his mother, Juan Pablo is already a winner, because it has only 11 years old, and everytime we discuss about her son, she can´t evoid tears falling through her eyes. She is proud to see Juan Pablo talking and playing with the rest of the boys from all over the world.

Juan Pablo should wear prescription glasses to play and he is the smallest in age and stature of the tournament but, far from causing an impediment, this “disability” has led him to build character since the begining of the competitions. His starting career has led him to visit the whole country, Mexico, but also to cross borders and measured with players in the States and Canada.

Tomorrow he will fight with the a Polish representative in front of the Eiffel Tower, which is not unknown to him, because he played before with his partner, Santiago.

No doubt the champion in Mexico, the best of our country, has now reached a peak in his career and the next step will be to see it´s further development from this point, Longines Future Tennis Aces.

His parents, workers, executives, businessmen and entrepreneurs, will provide daily support, both emotionally and financially, and now Longines opens a new door to have the opportunity to share these days in Paris with his family and grow the talent of their children…

…It will be the sixth game of the day scheduled for 13:45 tomorrow afternoon will be the historic May 28 for them.

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